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70 cents per - Santa Cruz (Aptos through UCSC and all the regions in between)

Recommended Order: 100 Flyers/Posters

$1.00 per- Scotts Valley, Felton, San Lorenzo Valley

Recommended Order: 25-40 Flyers/Posters

$1.25 per - Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel

Recommend Order: 100 Flyers/Posters

We know how time consuming and expensive it can be to physically promote your upcoming event or service in our area.  Trips to the printing facility, cost of printing, materials for posting (tape, tacks, etc), and taking the time to travel to locations all over the county to do deliveries all add up.  Plus, what happens when you finally arrive at a location only to find there is no room on the crowded bulletin board to post your flyer?  Clutch Courier has you covered.

Working with a client-network established over the last 10 years, we hit the streets of Santa Cruz County by bicycle Monday through Friday, placing flyers on bulletin boards, walls and window spaces in client-locations where we have permission and where postings will be well received by clientèle.  Our client-locations include: restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, health food stores, community centers who offer yoga and other classes, brewpubs, tattoo studios, coworking spaces, health conscious businesses and other high visibility local establishments.


We travel by bicycle to help ease the congested roads, and because we love to bike!  We do not take up valuable parking spots at our client locations, and have established a permission-first policy where our intentions are known from continued and consistent services to our client-locations.  We take the time to make sure each posting space is tidy and has only current events - and we always pack the recycling with us! 

We do not require you use our printing services to use our promotional distribution services, but we highly recommend it to ensure paper quality and durability.

If you have questions or concerns regarding our services, please check out this PDF of our Flyering Brochure or give us a call or email!

Place your order here or give us a call and get your afternoons back!

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We recommend 100 flyers distributed two weeks prior to your event for maximum effectiveness.  If you have an ongoing event we recommend 100 per month.   We do not require you use our printing services to use our promotional distribution services.